The following describes the privacy and data retention policies of Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy, based in Austin, Texas corporation:


1. We do not share your personal data, name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, data of birth, or other information with any other parties for any reason whatsoever.

2. If you choose to attend our workshop, please inform us in advance if you'd like to be removed from any photos/videos that were taken as part of the course webcast/broadcast or recording for the students who are not in attendance.

How we acquire and use personal information

3. Throughout your use of our website(s), the following personal information may be acquired by us:
* Contact Information. This may include your email, phone, and mailing contact information
* Demographic information. This may include your gender, educational background, future graduation date, interests, and/or geographic location
* Computer information (common to most websites). This may include your operating system, browser type, IP address, and the pages you use before or after entering our site.
* Credit Card Information if you opt for flexible payment plans.
* Photos and videos taken during onsite workshops

Online community

4. As part of your enrollment in online courses you may choose to fill out profile information in our virtual campus. You agree that you take responsibility for choosing which personal information to share via your profile, and should you wish to have this information deleted upon completion or withdrawal from the course you may request immediate removal of your profile information by writing to

Data retention

5. All students remaining inactive for 12 months or more will have their profile information removed

6. Any credit card information provided with your application are kept offline at all times and will be permanently deleted upon completion of courses or withdrawal from courses

7. Application data is retained solely for the purpose of verifying graduation.

Responses to inquiries

8. We will respond to reasonable inquiries regarding the graduate status of enrollees with either "graduated" or "unknown." We will make reasonable attempts to contact you in connection with any inquiries as to your graduate status. We will never provide your contact information or name to anyone requesting a list of graduates, other than as a natural consequence of your voluntary participation in publication activities described under section 2.

Complete policy

9. The statements here constitute the entire privacy policy. We value the privacy of our students.